Cupcakes & Casablanca

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#tbt East End wandering

The cutest riverside dinner spot (at The Luxury)

Tuesday evening Matisse (at San Antonio Museum of Art)

Texas sunset

Braved the mosquitoes for a shot of the supermoon

Early spring in the French countryside #tbt

(late) Lunch. 🍋

Weekend details

San Antonio the Saga by Xavier de Richemont (at Cathedral of San Fernando)

Texas barbeque (at The Granary ‘Cue & Brew)

One last early-morning look at a familiar sight. Cambridge, you’ve been good to me. (at Trinity College, Cambridge)

Trinity rose (at Trinity College, Cambridge)

Visiting the royal palace (at Palais Royal De Bruxelles)


Pink Fiat cuteness in Amsterdam (at Jordaan, Amsterdam)