Cupcakes & Casablanca

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One last early-morning look at a familiar sight. Cambridge, you’ve been good to me. (at Trinity College, Cambridge)

Trinity rose (at Trinity College, Cambridge)

Visiting the royal palace (at Palais Royal De Bruxelles)


Pink Fiat cuteness in Amsterdam (at Jordaan, Amsterdam)

The most adorable door knocker

Gorgeous papering in the Geffrye Museum Garden Reading Room

Sunflowers (at Cambridge University Botanic Garden)

College views (at Great St Mary’s, Cambridge)

This morning’s start of the #tourdefrance

Garden party-ing (at Trinity Hall, Cambridge)

May Ball fireworks, part 2 (watching St John’s from a distance)

Night (nearly dawn) punting

Wren light show

May Ball fireworks (at Trinity College, Cambridge)